White Sister on stage in Nottingham, UK - Firefest V - October 26, 2008
Pictured left to right: Dennis Churchill-Dries, Gary Brandon and Rick Chadock

Cover artwork for the White Sister - Straight From The Heart full-length concert DVD (released 2009)

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Gary is a founding member of the band White Sister. Active 1980-86, their debut album was released by EMI America Records in 1984. They placed a number of their songs in major motion pictures, and even appeared in one. Over the years, the band built a cult-following in the UK (and Europe) that endures to this day. In 2008, and also in 2009, the band re-united to return to the UK, where a live concert DVD of their 2008 re-union show was produced and sold out quickly. With two members having passed away since 2006, the band remains on hiatus.
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